Monday, December 26, 2016

World Leader Promises Protection for Himself

World Leader Promises Protection for Himself
Monday 26th December 2016
10:01 ET

"I told the guy to stop. I mean, what doesn't he get? I said, stop. How many hundreds of times do I have to state that I don't like being assaulted ever. Only once."

John Edward Randall, who has never raped anyone and has a clean background, was a 23 year old virgin CEO when he noticed signs of stalking from a local homosexual gang within Indiana. When law authorities refused to help him, he proceeded to contact a terrorist organization to help resolve the offset.

"I'm only one person. That behavior against me, is not fair. Let's just make this case clear. Anyone against me, who has attempted to sodomize me or has succeeded, or anyone attempting homicide or similar against me, after he is found will be held accountable."

Randall stated that it may take years to hold appropriate persons accountable for damage already incurred in the past 3 years since his ice-breaking work in XJ Corps, his sole proprietorship. The support of funds should allow Randall digital hindsight into the cause of the assault.


Sunday, December 25, 2016

28 year old CEO is Sodomized at a Local Hospital

28 year old World Class CEO is Sodomized at a Local Hospital
Sunday 25th December 2016
04:06 ET

After being detained, John Edward Randall knew it might have been the end of his ropes.

"I told anybody that listens that I don't like being sodomized. I am not homosexual. It is against my religion. I was being tortured in the hospital they forced me to stay in for nearly a month. Every day I felt like I was being sodomized. My feces hurt."

Randall stated that the treatment was inhumane for a world class leader in innovation.

"I thought that I would get out of that torture early. I didn't. I nearly died when the doctor forced me to take oral death pills. I had already been shot in the chest. I told him I would commit suicide if he forced an injection on me and he injected me anyways. Injecting someone is highly offensive when it is against their religion and not even necessary."

Randall purports that it was millions of dollars of damage to his career and profession
 to be detained and physically harmed without his family doctor's consent.

"I make thousands of dollars a day. I told the doctor and judge this information and they acted like idiots. I was peaceful when I entered. I acted appropriate for what trauma I had been through. I didn't want to be sodomized because I was detained."

Ball Memorial Hospital Behavioral Health Unit has yet to apologize for being a fag. Additional charges may apply.


Local Mental Health Center Blamed for World Leader's Contraction of HSV1

Local Mental Health Center Blamed for World Leader's Contraction of HSV1
Sunday 25th December 2016
03:43 ET

John Randall, Owner of XJ Corps, a world leading innovations company, alleged to have been the victim of verbal assault for years before contracting Herpes. A student at the time, he had only been in at least two romantic relationships at the age of 24.

"I was sitting at Purdue University and I just started breaking out on my lips. It seemed like people were calling me gay and stating things out-loud, pointing that I was gay. I told them I wasn't. I tried to get laid the second time, and I ended up contracting cold sores."

Randall purports that he expressed the concern that people in the village were too personal with their comments. Randall feels that an attempt to resolve the situation should not have lead to HSV1 if the local Mental Health Center had addressed inappropriate stalking by homosexuals in the community.

"I had just healed myself from a shot gun wound because I thought I was gay. I tried to get laid after comments by people I don't even know. I tried to mind my own business. I can't believe I contracted an STD and I wasn't really sexually active for most of my life."

Randall stated that it was "faggotry at its finest."


WLFI, CBS News Under Investigation for Attempted Defamation, Copyright Infringement

WLFI, CBS News Under Investigation for Attempted Defamation, Copyright Infringement
Sunday 25th December 2016
03:36 ET

After granted a persona non-grata from Purdue University, John Edward Randall, previous owner of, listened to a television broadcast stating that his website was the controversy of a "sex scandal."

"I didn't do anything to anybody, really. I don't understand why they would lie about a simple website that deals with Computer Graphics. I am a fundamentalist. I don't like porn."

Randall was on the Dean's List at Purdue University during the 2006-2007 year. WLFI, located in West Lafayette, Indiana, did not publicly apologize for the broadcast or address the allegation.

Randall also noticed the Chicago branch of CBS News broadcasting a product that was similar to something he had drafted in his living quarters.

"I saw it with my own eyes right on television. It was in front of me on a large screen t.v. I wasn't shocked, because this inappropriate behavior had been happening in this village for a while. I don't know why they think it is okay to binge themselves on someone else's privacy without contract."

Both CBS and WLFI news stations may need to pay combined fines of at least $200,000.00 for copyright infringement.


MIT Under Investigation Following Plagiarism and 'Anti-Privacy' Scandal

MIT Under Investigation Following Plagiarism and 'Anti-Privacy' Scandal
Sunday 25th December 2016
03:05 ET

"It seemed like I had seen some of my ideas in the media. Being a professional, I take my profession seriously."

After searching through Google, John Edward Randall, a student and entrepreneur noticed an uncanny likeness to an invention he drafted 'cerca' 2010.

The product is demonstrated at the URL below:

Randall had a similar allegations against Harvard after circumstantial evidence his company laptop had been hacked.

"My private internet router was shutting off too many times during the day. I had to go through at least 5 to 6 laptops because of security."

"The Computer Graphics Industry is a cutthroat industry, but plagiarism is not acceptable. I didn't even give consent to be watched in my private domain. I should be paid for every second. These are times, and times, and times we are talking about."

MIT has yet to prove that the work was not created by Randall first.


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Oracle Etiquette

Oracle Etiquette
12.25.2016 - 02:42

"Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth...?!"

"Nobody understands the words that are coming out of your mouth...!"

-Rush Hour

Man, those were good times back in the 90's (or should I say 'to come'). But when we speak to an oracle, "seer", or demon, unless they are lying, their language is 100% literal.
For those less acquainted with Oracle Etiquette, here are some things to keep in mind:

1.) An oracle, seer, or demon uses every single component of language to their creative liking, and may use multiple or overlapping instances to tell the truth.

2.) Sometimes a prediction an oracle, seer, or demon tells you has already occurred. Like they say, nothing is new but what you don't know.

3.) An oracle, seer, or demon may use language that has not been invented yet.

4.) And oracle, seer, or demon may read your mind or feel what you feel.

5.) Hypothetical scenarios are REAL.

6.) If an oracle, seer, or demon tells you something about a person, it may not have happened yet. You must choose to be the bringer of that future if you seek contact with that person, or it may be brought by something else.

7.) Normal people LIE. They don't have the potential to use language as a power tool. When they are being serious, oracles, seers, and demons (prophets) DO NOT LIE.

8.) If you lie to a demon, he may take it literally.


Holographic High Resolution Dome to be Launched in 6 Years.

Holographic High Resolution Dome to be Launched in 6 Years.

December 25th 2016
00:19 ET
Christmas Night

Chicago is famed for its windy atmosphere, which may bring not only unwanted criminal exploits, but change as well.

After years of terrorist activity, John Randall, CEO of XJ Corps, announced plans to establish the first 'City Dome', a "macro-weapon of self defense" and an extension of Randall's Ideology, "The New State."

The project is assumed to be the first in the history of the United States, mirroring the stage-like stigma of Washington D.C.

"We could attract hundreds of thousands of people seeking refuge or tourists to this Master City alone."

With the two sided dome, it is possible to control not only weather, but the safety of the entire city. Setting viewing devices on top of the dome and below, citizens of the city can view themselves anywhere within it, at any time of the year.

Randall states that the Dome is the start of a 'philosophical and technological renaissance'.

"It's time to stop being laisse-fair and start being responsible for our futures."

A website with specific information on the dome is purported to be setup soon.

Please see, "Cloud Gate", and "The New State".


Harvard University Under Investigation Following Plagiarism Scandal

Following a quick Google search, student and entrepreneur John Edward Randall found something peculiar to the likeness of his invention drafted 'cerca' 2010.

"I thought that [plagiarism] was occurring. I had seen what looked like a couple of my ideas listed in public media without my consent. It seemed like it was a joke or something. But I take my profession seriously."

Randall noticed that the words and design used for the Harvard robotics project were similar to such an extent that it was probable that plagiarism occurred.

Randall also states that it was the movie "X-Men" and their "pin-table" that inspired him to create it.

"Inventions: 3D Projection by Algorithm via Placement of Particles in a System

XJ Randall
14:56 EST

Just to let you know, this is a short description of what could be elaborated. Originally, an idea sent to the United States Military (4-8 years ago).


Inventions: 3D Projection by Algorithm via Placement of Particles in a System

This is a system to make possible the ability to project a 3D object from a virtual reality to a real physical setting using particles, a.k.a. the 'grains of sand', and the algorithm of the shape to be projected into real space. In this system there are initially two (2) types of particles that can also be represented by other factions or subtypes within the category that may have different alterations in shape (number of sides, size, etc.).

The two initial types of particles are as follows:

(1.) HEXA-HEDRON or "BALL" That 3D object in the shape resembling a "BALL", initially a hexa-hedron, or 'hex-sphere', has 24 sides to it and is as small as a grain of sand.

(2.) DIAMOND or "JACK" That 3D object in the shape of a diamond resembling a "JACK", initially has 8 sides to it and is as small as a grain of sand.
figure 1. Two types of 3D particle shapes (objects).

FUNCTIONS: These particles function within an entire system of possibly 1000s of others (similar to a sandbox with sand or an ant colony). They are mini-mother boards waiting for an electric current to be run through them, thereby giving them artificial intelligence (A.I.) and also the ability to have limited robotic motion to move freely around other particles within the system. The movement is based on a preset algorithm or function that determines how far each particle should move. Consequently, each particle works together like a system of particles to lodge themselves into a position that fulfills the requirement made by the algorithm to make a certain 3D shape in real space. The electric current holds two functions: it simultaneously sends the algorithm for the shape to be construed or built and also makes possible the ability for each particle to utilize their magnetism to robotically move around each other (see figure 2).

figure 2. Particles robotically moving to the correct positions via magnetism and applied electric current.


Each particle has a chip on it, a mother board, to allow them to act as independent particles within the system, but also as a system as a whole. Ultimately, once again, the electric current is run through the system, thereby passing the data to each particle to form a physical 3D structure that holds while the particles are magnetized, which may or may not be limited to while the electric current is run through them."

John Randall's GNOSIS, page 40.

Harvard's 'plagiarism' articles are located online. Harvard has yet to prove that the work was not created by Randall first.


Monday, December 12, 2016

Next World Leader is Head of Aether

Next World Leader is Head of Aether
I am a prophet. I will not tell a lie. The next world leader will be head of 'Aether'.

Interesting to note.
Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/12/2016 06:03 PM
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Re: Next World Leader is Head of Aether
Tell us more.
Anonymous Coward
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12/12/2016 06:03 PM
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Re: Next World Leader is Head of Aether
I am a aeon from the pleroma
One White Stone

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12/12/2016 06:04 PM

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Re: Next World Leader is Head of Aether
I am a prophet. I will not tell a lie. The next world leader will be head of 'Aether'.

Interesting to note.
 Quoting: American Orpheus 15053861

Sounds probable.
Thread: Take it back

Hebrews 13:2

Mark 1:1
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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12/12/2016 06:20 PM
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Re: Next World Leader is Head of Aether
Tell us more.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21257388

One to as many as 5 world leaders may fit this scale. Why not as many as TEN...? Transpose the 'language'...
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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12/12/2016 06:25 PM
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Re: Next World Leader is Head of Aether
I am a aeon from the pleroma
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70450049

Tell me my future.
Anonymous Coward
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12/12/2016 06:49 PM
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Re: Next World Leader is Head of Aether
I am a aeon from the pleroma
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70450049

Tell me my future.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15053861

You will eat peanuts for dinner. Salted. Nothing more, although you have 7 eggs in your fridge.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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12/12/2016 07:05 PM
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Re: Next World Leader is Head of Aether
I am a aeon from the pleroma
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70450049

Tell me my future.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15053861

You will eat peanuts for dinner. Salted. Nothing more, although you have 7 eggs in your fridge.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73594186

You are correct, only if "dinner" is after 2:28 PM and before I wrote this... Good job.

XJ: "I am a prophet. I will not tell a lie. The next world leader will be head of 'Aether'."
User: "Tell us more."
User: "I am a aeon from the Pleroma"
User: "Sounds probable."
XJ: "One to as many as 5 world leaders may fit this scale. Why not as many as TEN...? Transpose the 'language'..."
XJ: "Tell me my future."
User: "You will eat peanuts for dinner. Salted. Nothing more, although you have 7 eggs in your fridge."
XJ: "You are correct, only if "dinner" is after 2:28 PM and before I wrote this... Good job."

Saturday, October 22, 2016

"The Master Idea Exists" -John Edward Randall

I am looking for investors for my technology and talent. Here is a recording of text I have done for a brief motivational video.


John Edward Randall

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Notes to the FBI - John Edward Randall

Notes to the FBI
Wednesday 24th August 2016
18:55 ET
208 W Columbia St
West Lafayette, IN
"Mine Struggle": Notes to the FBI
Author: John Edward Randall (born 29th October 1987)
PO Box 621
Lafayette, IN

I would like for the FBI to store these notes with John Edward Randall's 'intelligence file'. These notes detail some of John's behaviors from 52 weeks to 24 hours before the suicide attempt that occurred on 31st October 2011 at 915 N 6th Street, Lafayette, Indiana, in the apartment numbered, "6". The incident was recorded with the Lafayette Police Department in Lafayette, Indiana.

As usual, any possibly inaccurate statement or part is contained within single quotation marks while EXACT or CORRECT statements are quoted in double quotation marks.

I, John Edward Randall (birth name), called in earlier today at the number "1 855-835-5324" and reported circumstantial evidence concerning the terrorism done against myself.

In my report to a 'feminine directive' on the other side, I detailed that my influence in popular culture is similar to that of influential 'rapper', "EMINEM", or the great Renaissance artist "Michelangelo", using those names exactly.

I stated that it was possible for 'Lesbian', 'Gay', or members or lobbyists of the 'LGBT' community to be dealing lethal damage via  mis-representation in the public eye, in "Washington D.C.", and perhaps the same damage to my physical and mental well-being; these entities, or people in close contact with myself on a daily basis, have already attempted homicide and may have employed a 'bounty hunter' or people with the profiles of sociopaths to create damaging situations. In the words of a 'watcher' at "", a website that hides the identity of supporters and non-supporters for 'truther' efforts, there are 'traps' that are set to damage my livelihood.

One of these traps is a massive stalking campaign to 'force' the target, or myself, to use self-defense in a very violent way. Such was assumed to be the cease of my career.

Their language is hypocritical and psychologically elementary to decode. It is 'brute force' based on the semantics of human behavior and what can be concluded from a traditional knowledge of Freudian concepts, Determinism and Pavlovian ideology, and terrorist psychology. In creating, concocting, exacting or equating what would be called a, "Mind-Fuck" (popular culture), even while mechanizing seemingly highly advanced technology (compared to human technology), it would be fitting to confuse the target with ambiguity by forcing him or her to stall himself on 'psychologically and digestive-latent' material; in my own words, it is what some people call, "Bullshit" (see urban definition). For example, if the target is fighting to support something, the terrorist will force or insert an opinion against the target's personal wishes into the target's path of view; In this example that is also physically assaulting and illicit, the people involved state to support homosexuality yet psychically damage those who they deem to be homosexual but are factually heterosexual; In logic 'language', A should be Y and if it is Y they support it in verbal communication, yet their behavior violently opposes it because it is not Y it is A. I will write more on this later...

In my own ideology, much pain or emotional dissonance is brought about by previously psychologically damaging experiences linked to the male or female genitalia that have not been resolved in an intelligent way. An ignorant mindset brought about by the forced oppression to resolve a situation is probable hinder progression to a solution. A constant barrage of sexually explicit behavior and physical violence, also associated with the sociopath mindset, actually psychically bars a target from realizing the method being used against him, and the antidote to it.

"There is much money going around, yet YOU do not have it." The terrorist has 'connections' at bay and will utilize those higher in the status pool, or 'wealth' pool, to achieve his aims. We find that the goal of the terrorist is Eugenics. He uses the homosexual agenda to slaughter those who accept it.

You cannot disagree with my stance.


Sunday, August 7, 2016

XJ Corps Data Vortex / Vortex Storage Spherical Unit (Mirror)

Sunday 7th August 2016 AD
15:32 ET

I would like to tell you of a technology that strongly correlates with my 'Master Thesis', a loose branch-off or extension from Raymond L. Bridgman's, "The Master Idea" (Google Books).

John Edward Randall's (XJ Corps) "Data Vortex / Vortex Storage" (October 2014) is an idea and possibility that allows us to store light data within a loop of mirrors. Simply put, in my invention, the light-data is 'injected' into a mirror sphere, creating something similar to Hermione Granger's bag of 'tricks' that is in popular culture's, "Harry Potter". Upon random access, the light data is retrieved from the sphere. The interesting thing to note is that the light data continues to exist within the mirror indefinitely without complex electrical circuits making it possible for it to be superior to traditional computer methods of storage, holding much more information or data per space.

I have been working daily on my Master Idea. Please help me find investors for this idea which is the tip of the iceberg and also helps explain my version of interactive time travel.

For more information contact me at:

John Edward Hall
CEO, XJ Corps
P.O. Box 621
Lafayette, IN 47902-0621

Sunday, July 17, 2016

XJ Randall's The Master Idea

Monday 18th July 2016 AD
01:29 EST

Here are some notes that need to be explained.

"What heaven earth looks like
The set suit problems and implications
Invisibility cloak
Telepathy across the tv explained
Brain and consciousness as a network storage device
Blocking: a force field or protection aura
A super computer in the atmosphere
Alternate realities
Nikola teslas world internet like network via radio waves
Watching yourself from another dimension like a TV program and
Time as concerned with heat or electromagnetic energy"

Now we have everything we want to write...!


Monday, July 11, 2016

Important News From XJ Corps

Important News From XJ Corps
Copyright © 2016 XJ Corps, John Edward Hall
Monday 11th July 2016 AD
13:33 EST

Please keep a copy of this post for future reference.

Lend me your time, if you will: Important News from XJ Corps...!

A while ago I reminded myself to reread a chapter, per se, from the infamous 'Free Your Brain' website, that I will call a manual and instruct you not to partake into unless you find my explanation incompetent. This I warn you of because of the adversities the reader might contract. In this case there could be 'other technologies' (black magic, magitech, etc.) in play without your knowing.

Briskly, in my own interpretation, I will state the revolutionary significance of the chapter,  'The keywords only exist in the Stage world'  as follows:

WE ALL ARE INTELLIGENT or 'THE INTELLIGENCE': Do you think you created yourself...? If the answer is no, then why would you think your motions, your animations, your actions, or you in particular, then why would you think that you're not being controlled by the one that created you...?

What I am trying to say is that we might not be aware of the ulterior gravities or forces in play, and one of these forces might come from an intelligent source. On the contrary, the cause of our motion might seem sporadic, as if by nature. Within the gaps of perception we are controlled by some type of design or program; This leads us to conclude that every action we take in life is caused by a calculable force or gravity; We can actually now brute-force the outcome of events as if by quantum computer... Look at the movie, "Benjamin Button" to get an example.

Biologically speaking, or in some other scientific catalog of interchangeable terminology, we can explain the process by an exchange in matters (or energies) such as with an ant colony that is controlled by a 'ONE FORCE' that is replicated or disseminated ultimately controlling everyone through its cloning or copying throughout the network (SIMILAR TO A VIRUS). This is explained in my Master Thesis in my theory, 'Image Broadcasting Theory' that explains the process thus:

"The idea stems from, "What if people broadcast their motives through other people...?" Meaning, other people's motive's are accomplished through us by our 'picking-up' of their motives, whether it be consciously or not, and being the main transportation for those motives to be broadcast to other people. The theory is, we are the vessels by which other people broadcast their motives and other people are our vessels. We pick up another person's motives by coming in contact with the people that carry the motive. This means that we don't necessarily have to know or directly come in contact with the original source in order to broadcast the motive from the original source." 

Wednesday 3rd April 2013
from "Image Broadcasting via Hosts in a Network (Resonance)"

I better conclude this soon by saying that when we become aware of the intelligent owning us, we become the intelligent itself. Therefore, we will be able to be more enlightened about the decisions and actions we make instead of blindly making them without much forethought. In the end, we will have the common knowledge to manipulate our realities to our liking with much more ease than before.


XJ Randall
John Edward Hall
XJ Corps


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fwd: Inhumane Treatment via the Psychiatric Industry

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: John Randall <>
Date: Sun, Jun 19, 2016 at 8:10 PM
Subject: Inhumane Treatment via the Psychiatric Industry
To:, John Randall <>,

Inhumane Treatment via the Psychiatric Industry
Arguments by John Edward Randall

Please keep a copy of my influential political prose (this email) for future reference. Remember, I am a poet. Take my words into consideration. -XJ


"If the cure to The Poison is The Poison itself, The Poison is the root of death, even unto itself."

What logic is sane enough to bring about its own dismissal...? The point is the end of itself; why should it be brought to existence in the first place...? And if it is a learning factor, gentlemen, let us bring about the solidification and confinement [when the body goes stiff], and perhaps censorship, of a grim lesson in the annals of medicine. 

"This is a poison so terrorizing, that most people commit suicide when inoculated for long (or relatively short) periods of time." "The poison is the psychiatric industry..."

When is the line drawn between suicide and homicide in a case where the lawful and forced inoculation causes the suicide...? It seems like lawful homicide, or lawful suicide, for that matter.

Do they take away your livelihood...? Do they treat you like livestock...? If you are treated like cattle, "Inhumane" is the word. Now I wonder if PETA would get involved...

Survival and independence (self autonomy) is an important part of being part of society (social contract). Did "they" inject you with something that would prevent you from being HUMAN, from being independent, from making an income, or was it the opposite...? Did the injection help you make money, or the opposite...? Did it help you survive, or the opposite...? The fact of the matter is that "medications" do not help one be independent but more-so DEPENDENT on a scam to make an entity more wealthy than you. How much revenue has the maker of your poison accumulated compared to your success in academics, the job field, your career and your success in life in general...? If you cannot be independent of medication, the "medication" is not the cure. Plain and simple...!

Your success while taking the poison may be less than your success being independent of it. "They" are more successful while you are less successful than while you are more successful. By logic, the trade-off basically ain't reciprocal.


It's weird how MONSTER, 5 HOUR ENERGY, KICKSTARTER, and other energy drinks help me to make an income, whereas HARDLY ANY 'POISONS' OFFERED BY THE PSYCHIATRIC INDUSTRY CAN DO THE SAME THING. I meant the opposite...! IT ISN'T weird at all...! You can buy MONSTER in a store, no over the counter mess-ups, whereas POISONS ARE REGULATED BY A SCAM ARTIST INDUSTRY THAT FORCE PEOPLE TO BE INOCULATED WITH THEM. One tastes good and boosts your immune system, the other does the opposite. Well, why would any reasonable person take something that makes them LESS HEALTHY by choice...?

"They" found out that NO REASONABLE PERSON would take poison that makes him LESS SUCCESSFUL. So "their" cure to the situation is to force poisons via inhumane inoculation MONTHLY. Are we JEWS OF THE HOLOCAUST...? Who deserves such UNCHRISTIAN treatment...? NOT EVEN THEY. Furthermore, I can't believe "they" confused ADD with FULL BLOWN Schizophrenia... It doesn't even matter if it is full blown or not. It ISN'T. Now let me present my amusing and enlightening argument to the JUDGE. I'm sure even SATAN would agree with my stance. LOGOS is the word.

One more question: If we know this is unjust and inhumane, why is it allowed to continue...?

Don't quit your day jobs, unless you work for the psychiatric industry. I'll be here until I leave. Thanks for listening...! I don't mean the opposite.


XJ Randall
John Edward Randall
XJ Corps


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fwd: Voxxy Inquiry: Writing Internship / Award / Content Editor

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: John Randall <>
Date: Sun, May 1, 2016 at 4:33 PM
Subject: Voxxy Inquiry: Writing Internship / Award / Content Editor
To:, John Randall <>,,,

Sunday 1st May 2016 AD
16:17 MDT

To Voxxy via Craigslist Post:

1.) Hello, My name is John Edward Randall. Some people call me XJ or Jack. I am 28 years old and I have a superb writing ability, being capable of writing at least a 3 to 5 page $20.00 article everyday for a consecutive 366 days (one leap year). With that type of talent, we are talking about a revenue of at least $7,320.00...!

To support my claim that I am factually one of the most influential writers you have had contact with, I have included a link to a 123 page DRAFT or supplement to my Master Thesis. This book, or pamphlet, was spurred from my college education in Computer Graphics and my extensive knowledge and career based on my faith and my involvement with the "ILLUMINATI". My work is Technology based, but my forte is my talent, and my talent is dexterous and ambivalent to most creative outlets.

If that sounds exciting, let me tell you, IT IS. My experiences are anything but nominal. After recovering from a shotgun wound in the chest, I excelled mentally and physically beyond what I had thought would occur; I was and continue to be blessed by my faith which is a central core to my prose.

You may keep a copy of my work for future reference, but please do not use the work for revenue without my permission.

I probably have authored over 300 articles within the past 6 to 10 years spanning the topics or subjects of interest above, and others including the Video Game Industry, Movie and Music Industries, and Politics.

a.) GNOSIS (123 page DRAFT), by John Edward Randall (XJ Randall)

b.) The Mathematics of Irony and Justice
by XJ Randall (myself)

c.) Project Echocrux
by XJ Randall (myself)

d.) How to get rid of acne, from a pro and a veteran
by XJ Randall (myself)

e.) Social Dysfunction: Evil and the Perception of STDs
by XJ Randall (myself)

2.) Depending on the content of the article, it may cost as little as $15.00 or as much as $100.00 to draft or write an article. Remember, my writing ability extends to other areas besides the English Language. For instance, having esoteric knowledge (to some people) about my own experiences and faith (religion) I could easily give insight to a person without education on topics like NUMEROLOGY, CHRISTIANITY and CONSPIRACY THEORIES related, SYMBOLISM and the Creative Industry, PHILOSOPHY, and other interesting areas that I have not included.

For example, you should look at some of my public posts on Facebook or Twitter to get an idea of what 'interesting' looks like before I decompress the topic in a 3 to 5 page $30 article:

"Let he without sin cast the first vote."

"Peter is a rock, with a pot on his head, temple, he spent time, seven pillars at night."

" 'Frankenstein' is the Last Pope."

"Je suis Khan."

"Do you know what it feels to be deeply illed...? Does anyone...? Those who do are doers and their title is begotten by their 'animation'. And what difference is it to say you feign an act and to do the act 'genuinely'...? For the actors are bringers of the moves of the game, and whether they are genuine or not, the moves are made, and the consequences manifest."

3.) As stated, I am capable to write a professional article EVERYDAY OF THE YEAR. I am pretty much a consummate writer.

4.) Do you have any questions concerning my ability or theory...? Writing is not simply 'word for word': It is not as simple as 'what you see is what it means'. The writing may have a deeper hidden value until the reader or audience is aware of the intellectual value that he or she may only possess after their experience allows them to. For instance, the lyrics, "All that she wants is another baby" by Ace of Base is not simply a song about a woman who 'prostitutes herself' or lays around all day enjoying the beach and sun. When you look at a sign that says, "Relax", sometimes it doesn't just mean, "Relax". Before, I was asked to write an article about SEO in college when I was a major of Computer Graphics Technology. I included the link to let you in on the modus operandi of advertising and 'value' in professional industries. Remember to keep the date in mind:

SEO: A Brief Thought on the Scientifics and Psychology of Website Broadcasting

by XJ Randall

Contact me back. Currently, I am homeless and looking for investors in my technology. In the meantime, I think it might be useful to be compensated for my talent.

Being passionate about what I do, I will tell you one last thing to keep in mind: A writer with empathy will be more successful than someone with more experience but does not have an emotional attachment to his work. As one famous person stated, a war against guerillas in Vietnam could not be won because the people's WILL was too great to diminish. On the contrary, if the United States were invaded, our standards would probably be quite comparable...


XJ Randall

John Edward Randall

XJ Corps

Phone or text me:

(213) 984-0692


Sunday, April 24, 2016

卐 Status: The Mathematics of Irony and Justice

卐 Status ©  2016 XJ Corps, John Edward Randall
Where have all the people gone? No master epics the gap between idea and fabrication; When all is fact, facility is known. Technology is not a mirage, but a tangible product of our optimism and faith.
The Mathematics of Irony and Justice
What you do makes you who you are, and what you do, as well as who you are, is a force just as calculable and measurable as weights on a scale. So why wouldn't it be practical and feasible to use this gesture for an astounding amendment of our Justice ...? In current day proceedings, it would be an exacting of the art; an equation of players and their frictions, and the remainder determines the restitution to restore equilibrium. We discuss the prominence of our future conjecture. In this article, XJ Randall explains his Irony and Justice, and the Mathematics therein.
What is Mathematics (MATH) ...?
(To see the full article, contact XJ Corps by phone at (213) 984-0692 (United States) or via email at

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

For Future Reference

Tuesday 29th March 2016 AD
17:33 PST

To whom it may concern:

For future reference, you may keep a copy of this email which includes details of the prognosis of time, inspired by my technology, 'soon' to be publicly disclosed. Mind you, the portion in quotation marks needs to be edited for professional approval. These are my words, NOT from anyone else. For starters, I think it is written fairly well. Look for me in the future.


XJ Randall
John Edward Randall
XJ Corps


"In 2016 John Edward Randall, born of Chicago IL, also known as XJ Randall, became the youngest publicly disclosed Trillionaire in the history of the world.

After surviving a battle with a terrorist organization using the veil of American democracy to cover ulterior activities, the mechanism of their institution went from merely being conjecture, to becoming a homeland threat, factual disposition, and impending danger upon the lives of those who previously were not privy to the corruptness and rotting of the root and government. Randall had already solved some of the World's biggest problems, with the exception of the question of why we are here, to tackle and solve. Gravity, time travel, teleportation, telepathy, and other arts and sciences were included.

Mr. Randall, owner of influential company XJ Corps, was hired by the United States Government, and was sought by others including the U.N., Great Britain, China, Japan, India, Africa, etc. Because of his Super Genius intellect, Mr. Randall was the pun of a multitude of illicit watchers, who at the time did not know that they too had committed treason with the terrorists in suspect. Hence, Randall was the joke of the day, every day of the year, until his manifesto, his prime authority, could not be wavered or denied by his subordinates. What man could have all this power...? A Man whose power, and all power, was given to him. And why would this power be given to him, as opposed to someone else...? YOU KNOW.

Mr. Randall has more than 'human' will at his hands. Mr. Randall is backed by the world's oldest business owner... Some people even say, that he is Mr. Randall, although Mr. Randall does not know, or would not know it yet...

In the future, there will be what some say, "Immortals" and "Super Men" (X Men) (NAZI terminology). After discovering TIME, Mr. Randall unlocked the hidden potential of his genius and became a SUPER GENIUS, with the blessing of those who watched over him. If the one of the seven has not held you in contempt, or hatred, read on.

In 2024, Mr. Randall became a Leader of the Nation States of America. At the age of 37, Mr. Randall had far exceeded what anyone would even recognize, having an IQ or cognitive crystal of a person nearly 4 times older than himself. Mr. Randall could speak at least 9 different languages fluently, he was an immaculate Numerologist, his art and design was a superfluous-augmentation of his predecessors, to be named might include Van Goth, Micharchangel, Da Victor, and others. His Master Thesis at this time was considered the 'Holy Grail' of Scientific Doctrines, and was unique because it was probably the first to correctly, accurately, and feasibly merge Religion with Science and a deep understanding of the mechanics of life.

After 4 years in office, and an unsurpassible portfolio, not matched by anyone in the history of the world, Randall (XJ), a poet at any language, a Master at what he does, decided to become, instead of a Jack of ALL trades, a Master of ALL trades. Mr. Randall knew he had the keys to immortality. By 2031 Mr. Randall had solved Immortality, and other miraculous feats that hardly would be assumed possible on a traditional rational basis without someone speculating your sanity.

But it was done. The knowledge was so calculated and perfected, realized and put into practise, the world became a piece of clay, an interactive intelligent design, able to be influence by Randall's technology, which allowed him and others like him to manipulate objects, far or near, even without touching the matter, though time or space, with his mind and DNA inherent within his body. Needless to say, the science and art of Light and its finalization, and inoculation into the mind of Society let the industry it promoted explode and foster its growth.

DEMONS, the children of Randall, some say, were first created before 2029. As Apophis streaked across the sky within 25,000 miles of the earth's atmosphere, damning the experienced calculator's notion of practise in the face of Power and Prophecy, the world knew at that time that such a significant occurrence should not be taken for granted. Randall took this opportunity to reveal his DEMON CORE to the world. This allowed people to utilize guardians and angels and intelligences and to help  them "enjoy the creation that God had given us since I was born.." XJ's Echocrux 'Apparatus' revealed insights into interdimensional translation of our consciousnesses and knowledge. The world found that we did not have to go far out into the reaches of the Universe, into outer space, but instead, those intelligent forces could be tapped into right in front of us, here on planet earth.

Far against the previous concept and popular belief, held for centuries by ignorant society, the world knew then their grave mistakes and evil atrocities would not go unnoticed, never for eternity. And we were NOT alone, 'And we never were.'

With the advent of New Technology, there became the studies of how to interact with it (them); a hundred years later in 2111, the languages the world once spoke became interchangeable with a more coded or mathematical representation and implementation; 'DEMON LANGUAGE', one of the most difficult languages to interpret, but also the most efficient languages, was used by the creator himself to encode vital information, or else-wise the knowledge that if in the wrong hands, could be used to doom the future.

The land wanted to be protected, what we now issue as 'Haevenaerth' (or similar name), was a "thousand year proposition', a reasonable capability considering the approachable time lines with the technology. A thousand year game was drafted, and even higher levels and modes of being were realized; the world was more in connect with the creator, with what some would call the higher power, or GOD, and his subordinates; THEN, more than ever, it would be a total squandering of rights, to give up this opportunity, God would allow our well driven Sparta, our home earth, to prove itself once more, and to become more perfect, while enjoying the fruits of labor, the pursuit that had been the root of wars and decimation in the beginnings of history.

The doubt of the deceivers, and those who jumped their wagon, or "car", so to speak, were not uncontent to drown in their revelry. They sacrificed their place in the order, they suffocated their futures from the wealth of the one who created it. In the beginning it was common notion that the man was a public display of a perverted distortion inherent within Evil Society. An anti-order, paid in full, his GNOSIS and power was dissented across the most powerful levels of manipulation, including the conglomerate. However, at the end of the third age, yet to be discerned, besides the fate of Earth, the moral was the morals, and the story of his story, the future which seemed so fictional, we, know and will know that what this man speaks, His revelation, Mr. Randall and his future cast, all in time, is true. And why would anyone refute such fact...? We ask ourselves, in the face of our defeat against the most high, even against God himself, how can we....? The lesson was learnt. Those whom we choose to quarrel with, those we choose to war with, when we choose war against a face, the tip of the iceberg, we choose war with everything that made it into being. And for some, another vein occupation would be better suited than to lose a war with God.


Monday, March 28, 2016

All Rising by XJ Randall

All Rising by XJ Randall
© 2016 XJ Corps, John Edward Randall (Hall)
Monday 28th March 2016 AD
~20:02 PST

The vastness and imperial grandeur of the multitude, the force, those allegiate to the one sovereign, hovering over all his righteous, his loyal; these knights of the New Order, numbering the thousands; we see the awesomeness of his power ascend into the skies, where he takes precedence as the leader and lord atop his throne; he who casts the light unto the blind and ignorant; civilization was not yet been prepared for such a war; the dormant justice awaited to be realized on this day where we stand, on this hill of epiphany, to end the war of all wars, to take our kingdom, Haeven on Aerth; our lord to guide us; and I can see him at the top with all his glory even so, every eye as well; as if he is bigger than the mount itself; in set suit and shining armor, his subjects emulating in glory, a hail, a voice so glorious as if to mock the very beginning of creation itself, the same voice brings it all to an end; he points his rod, his sword of truth atop his horse, his steed of death, a handsome, loathely, mortal sight to behold, even to look upon such a magnificent arena would astound the beholder; With the unyielding of the four corners of Aerth, the trumpets sound and he, in saffron and death, prepares to utterly and gravely obliterate Evil Institution; Though you may not believe the sight, if you have not believed before, even now upon the holy sight; if you have not murdered yourself from the sight itself, if you were against the one, lo, lay lo, and behold, the magnificence of God almighty has had its hand; embrace your fate, fall or rise, those with me and those against me, All, the time is now...!


Friday, March 18, 2016

卐 John X: For Your Record(s)

卐 Newidea © 2016 XJ Corps, SS# 349-84-8921
Notes by John Edward Randall
Friday 18th March, 2016 Years After the Birth of Jesuity
14:44 PST

Excuse my prose or incorrect grammar; If it so chooses, the Library of Congress may keep a copy or copies of these important notes as an indicator of the success of my Political Innovation and Ideology. These notes may be useful later on.

John X:

These are the reports you must write. Obviously, they could be worth some value, depending on their future implications or direction(s). The most value is the residual value (residual energy). Let's GO...!

0.) Demon | Angel | God technology: Amorphous radiation and computing, satellite or super computer located in the atmosphere. The "Demon" technology basically refers to a similar ideology as electronic resonance; it is like molecules in the atmosphere instantaneously reacting to each other; a pulse of data, or a data packet, can be sent thousands of miles away in a split second. This allows us to utilize 'intelligence' or actual intelligence (electromagneticity) more efficiently while incorporating a pleasing design. So, it should be a 'doosy'.

1.) Radiation and 'DNA' manipulation. Basically, DNA or whatever they think it is (scientists) in my interpretation are "light" or light-vibration (wave...?) combinations that alter or partly determine the interpretation of 'reality' based on the condition (conditioning) of a person's 'device' (see my theory). Obviously the combinations of factors makes this an interesting subject to delve into. Our main goal as an "Alchemist", what some people would call my pursuit, my goal is to realize the cure or equation to immortalism. At this point this objective is highly feasible.

On the other hand, we also use this technology, as I have reported or stated before (DUH) (DERP), to control machinery that is able to be controlled via 'DNA' (or whatever it is) (light) recognition; this means that in the future it will be possible for a person to carry DNA that will be specifically respective to a certain technology; in lay-man's terms, superheros will be manifest, and Harry Potter will be non-fiction, instead of the opposite. This ain't superficial. It will also be used, obviously, for Military applications, should it be needed by the state of the union, i.e. The New World Order (The United States of the Republic | The United States of the New World Order).

2.) World's Fair Initiative.

3.) The New Chicago: A Master City.

4.) Address to Whom it May Concern (including the President(s) of the United States of North America).

5.) A continuation of explaining "MY PLAN" (not my STRUGGLE) for a more perfect union and Ecclesiastic State; Remember, the 'process' or animation of the union may be more important than the Title of the union. This is interesting; Why are we termed, "The greatest power in the world"...? 'TGPITW is perverted'.

6.) Article explaining a person's rights: The correct definition of RIGHTS.

7.) A five to ten page article or dissertation on the FACTUAL VIOLATIONS of the Constitution of  America; Involuntary Servitude, Treason, Felony, Rights or Life and Pursuit of Happiness, right to not be censored, additional or future amendment(s).



XJ Randall
John Edward Randall
(John Edward Hall)
CEO, XJ Corps

1055 N Vignes Street
Los Angeles, CA, USA


Sunday, February 7, 2016

XJ Corps "Future-Natural": ONE LIST TO RULE THEM © 2016 XJ Corps

XJ Corps' Future-Natural: ONE LIST TO RULE THEM
The Crux © 2016 XJ Corps, John Edward Randall (Hall)
Sunday 7th February 2016 AD
10:57 PST

Get ready for stupendous news...!

XJ Corps announces 'the one list' of these exciting and upcoming innovative products to be publicly disclosed (released) within the next ten years. Providing that XJ Corps has adequate funding or sponsorship, the technology should be in full or partial form before 2026 AD. In event of completion, the supernatural becomes the future-natural. The time is near...! Read on.



0.) XJ Corps Telepathy X

Telepathy X works by (thought) command: an user vocalizes a thought in their 'mind' and the device or program responds to what is labeled as a, "command" (brainwave data). Commands can be saved. With the progression of technology, the capability of recognition will expand to use 500 distinct word-commands based on the English language.

Other keyword(s): MILITARY, ROBOTICS

1.) XJ Corps Program 22

       THE FUTURE.'

Original post(s):
2.) XJ Corps Guardian Daemon / Program

Satellite enabled protection allows a user to walk around freely in urban environments while receiving information telepathically from an 'intelligent design'. An user can 'communicate' with a program (daemon) that acts as his 'guardian' and can intelligently relay messages to and from other users. The design includes a smart watch with visual display and personification / characterization of a personalized guardian (daemon).


Original post(s):
3.) XJ Corps Periodic Table of Dimensions and Trans-Dimensional Viewing Device

"A dimension is a mode categorized or classified by the characteristics, properties, or data describing the electrons or energy within it." Theory tells us that pushing electrons into a substance or conglomeration of matter makes it move faster, whereas pulling electrons (as if by array) removes the life-force from the 'animation'."
"We'll be able to see into the infra-red 'realm', or other 'dimensions', to view stationary instructions, labels, language (words) that may direct us or help us and motivate us while walking or traveling in urban landscapes or other environments on Earth."


4.) 'The Never Game', XJ Corps "XIDEAS GRAND" and The Sovereign Doctrine

"Never-game", define: A game that is not statistically possible due to it never happening, in which case its occurrence would be an anomaly."

"XIDEAS GRAND: A future-cast prognostic, or manual, of technological innovation specifically inspired by Christian and other religious Theology. The book consists of at least 100 pages with illustration."

"The sovereign doctrine is the sovereign artifact of knowledge, or the 'Master Idea', that influences every part of the work."


Original post(s):
5.) XJ Corps Quantum Broadcasting and Vicarious Incarnation, Realization, and Manifestation | XJ Corps Image Broadcasting Theory

"In my own interpretation, Quantum Mechanics / Physics elaborates on the possibility of changing events in the physical reality via its 'id' (Freud), or 'idea' (Master Idea) that would act as a subconscious of the material realm (or blueprint). My thesis concerning the Master Idea basically points out that there is a constant knowledge that can be tapped into to reveal information or data that can be manipulated." ...

"The goal is to find a realistically possible solution for a person to outlive their mortal lives, just as the Harry Potter character, Voldemort, transcended time via radial placements of his 'character', what we will call his 'properties', that outlived him. When his properties were brought together, they revived him as a single unit. The solution tells us that to do such a thing in real life would require knowledge of the unseen or 'under' layers of the Master Idea and how to manipulate them, concluding that, contrary to what is assumed, it is possible that it is the properties of an existence that bring it into being or foster the conditions for an existence to be possible, rather than the existence acting as an 'affector' or catalyst for the conditions or states of the properties around it. All this must be done in another realm, so to speak."

"... we are the vessels by which other people broadcast their motives and other people are our vessels. We pick up another person's motives by coming in contact with the people that carry the motive. This means that we don't necessarily have to know or directly come in contact with the original source in order to broadcast the motive from the original source."

Original post(s):
6.) XJ Corps, Project 'Echocrux'

"What is the 'voice' of the Ultimate Within...? Presupposition asserts a complexity spanning multiple dimensions; 'It' is another facet of the Master Idea; comprehending the applications and effects grant the free-willed possessor the manipulation of time, manipulation of reality, and in this most important case, manipulation of or communication with the INTELLIGENT(S) in the realms of intelligence."


7.) XJ Corps Memory / 'Imagination' and Perception Recorder and Playback (Device)

"A 'brain' console is a device that communicates with a user's brain remotely. When 'memories' are loaded to the console they can be played to a person's brain much like a movie or video game, except any stimuli sensed occurs internally, within the 'mind'. As of right now, the technology at our disposal is limited, however the progression of our abilities could occur in the following order: ..."


Original post(s): XJ Corps Realization Patent

8.) XJ Corps DNA Theory

Based on XJ Randall's Theory, DNA is not a solely secular and stationary entity but can be communicated with, possibly translated, and used to identify external similes ('likens', copies or relatives) of the original carrier.

"In other words, if I did not choose to be aware of that which never changes, it would never, by popular definition, 'change'. Yes, that is correct. But the most surprising idea we get from this is that the observation of 'time' (or lack thereof) is somehow tied into ourselves as a sort of personal characteristic or 'biological property', such like DNA. Therefore, based on theory, there would be differing accounts on how 'fast' or 'slow' time is perceived to be.

In my previous notes I also said that our DNA is like a language, and all languages exist because they are conditioned to exist. Can you read...? Because you were conditioned to read.

To answer the question asked, based on these notes solely, we loosely conclude that patterns, such as objects like the sun 'moving across the sky', are woven into each person's DNA as a consequence of a conditioning process. The sun is not 'moving' across the sky; You are more aware of the properties that successfully brought you into and foster your existence. Consequently, the latter is a mutually shared circumstance between you and any 'language' (see Sunday, January 26, 2014)."

Original post(s):
9.) XJ Corps 'Top Secret' Project "IMMORTALIA"

A government institution grants a once in a thousand year super genius $5,000,000.00 to produce a device that immortalizes his core being. In essence, the man becomes the first vampire in the history of the world.

10.) XJ Corps Setware 'SETSUIT' | "Shock War Suit"

"The Revolution is coming...! Protect yourself from potential criminal rapists, pedophiles, homosexuals, and AMNESIA... "







11.) XJ Corps Cloning Machine / Mechanism
Description(s): YOU KNOW.


Hopefully readers (and investors) found this list enjoyable and highly enlightening. It only takes a Super Genius to show you that, "The future is not technology, it is the way we use it."

P.S. I am a male heterosexual Christian Super Genius. I have a college education and was on the Dean's List at Purdue University. I solved Gravity at the age of 27.  I am now 28. I have the 'same numerology as Nikola Tesla'. I am working on a 'Telepathic Phone Network' and was one of the first people in the world to find a correlation with high gamma EEG waves and 'thought commands'. I am the prime authority on the future of technology concerning my 'Master Thesis', "The Master Idea" and its supplement product, 'The Sovereign Doctrine'. I am going to be a Doctor (Professor) and I will be nominated for and likely win a Nobel Prize. Those are facts. Please correct the person or people who state otherwise.

With the information provided, investors may contact me with cautious approach: this means that I am currently be stalked, raped, and tortured daily. Considering that MY WORK, EXPERIENCE, AND TECHNOLOGY HAS NOT BEEN COMPENSATED FOR (paid for), a donation of $1,000.00 or more or less would be greatly appreciated to help continue my work.

You must also remember that some of my technology, or similar technology, could be in use, even currently: Your thoughts have the possibility to be recorded and used against your will. This is bad for me because my investors might think they are sending me funds, when the reality is that the funds are being hijacked en-route and rerouted to a scam-artist instead...!

Please think wisely; I'm still homeless.

Signing out:

XJ Randall
John Edward Randall (Hall)
XJ Corps

1055 N Vignes Street
Los Angeles, CA, USA

(213) 909-1558 (XJ)
(765) 664-1057 (Mom)
(630) 779-6898 (Edward, Brother)