Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fwd: Voxxy Inquiry: Writing Internship / Award / Content Editor

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Date: Sun, May 1, 2016 at 4:33 PM
Subject: Voxxy Inquiry: Writing Internship / Award / Content Editor
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Sunday 1st May 2016 AD
16:17 MDT

To Voxxy via Craigslist Post:

1.) Hello, My name is John Edward Randall. Some people call me XJ or Jack. I am 28 years old and I have a superb writing ability, being capable of writing at least a 3 to 5 page $20.00 article everyday for a consecutive 366 days (one leap year). With that type of talent, we are talking about a revenue of at least $7,320.00...!

To support my claim that I am factually one of the most influential writers you have had contact with, I have included a link to a 123 page DRAFT or supplement to my Master Thesis. This book, or pamphlet, was spurred from my college education in Computer Graphics and my extensive knowledge and career based on my faith and my involvement with the "ILLUMINATI". My work is Technology based, but my forte is my talent, and my talent is dexterous and ambivalent to most creative outlets.

If that sounds exciting, let me tell you, IT IS. My experiences are anything but nominal. After recovering from a shotgun wound in the chest, I excelled mentally and physically beyond what I had thought would occur; I was and continue to be blessed by my faith which is a central core to my prose.

You may keep a copy of my work for future reference, but please do not use the work for revenue without my permission.

I probably have authored over 300 articles within the past 6 to 10 years spanning the topics or subjects of interest above, and others including the Video Game Industry, Movie and Music Industries, and Politics.

a.) GNOSIS (123 page DRAFT), by John Edward Randall (XJ Randall)

b.) The Mathematics of Irony and Justice
by XJ Randall (myself)

c.) Project Echocrux
by XJ Randall (myself)

d.) How to get rid of acne, from a pro and a veteran
by XJ Randall (myself)

e.) Social Dysfunction: Evil and the Perception of STDs
by XJ Randall (myself)

2.) Depending on the content of the article, it may cost as little as $15.00 or as much as $100.00 to draft or write an article. Remember, my writing ability extends to other areas besides the English Language. For instance, having esoteric knowledge (to some people) about my own experiences and faith (religion) I could easily give insight to a person without education on topics like NUMEROLOGY, CHRISTIANITY and CONSPIRACY THEORIES related, SYMBOLISM and the Creative Industry, PHILOSOPHY, and other interesting areas that I have not included.

For example, you should look at some of my public posts on Facebook or Twitter to get an idea of what 'interesting' looks like before I decompress the topic in a 3 to 5 page $30 article:

"Let he without sin cast the first vote."

"Peter is a rock, with a pot on his head, temple, he spent time, seven pillars at night."

" 'Frankenstein' is the Last Pope."

"Je suis Khan."

"Do you know what it feels to be deeply illed...? Does anyone...? Those who do are doers and their title is begotten by their 'animation'. And what difference is it to say you feign an act and to do the act 'genuinely'...? For the actors are bringers of the moves of the game, and whether they are genuine or not, the moves are made, and the consequences manifest."

3.) As stated, I am capable to write a professional article EVERYDAY OF THE YEAR. I am pretty much a consummate writer.

4.) Do you have any questions concerning my ability or theory...? Writing is not simply 'word for word': It is not as simple as 'what you see is what it means'. The writing may have a deeper hidden value until the reader or audience is aware of the intellectual value that he or she may only possess after their experience allows them to. For instance, the lyrics, "All that she wants is another baby" by Ace of Base is not simply a song about a woman who 'prostitutes herself' or lays around all day enjoying the beach and sun. When you look at a sign that says, "Relax", sometimes it doesn't just mean, "Relax". Before, I was asked to write an article about SEO in college when I was a major of Computer Graphics Technology. I included the link to let you in on the modus operandi of advertising and 'value' in professional industries. Remember to keep the date in mind:

SEO: A Brief Thought on the Scientifics and Psychology of Website Broadcasting

by XJ Randall

Contact me back. Currently, I am homeless and looking for investors in my technology. In the meantime, I think it might be useful to be compensated for my talent.

Being passionate about what I do, I will tell you one last thing to keep in mind: A writer with empathy will be more successful than someone with more experience but does not have an emotional attachment to his work. As one famous person stated, a war against guerillas in Vietnam could not be won because the people's WILL was too great to diminish. On the contrary, if the United States were invaded, our standards would probably be quite comparable...


XJ Randall

John Edward Randall

XJ Corps

Phone or text me:

(213) 984-0692


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