Friday, March 18, 2016

卐 John X: For Your Record(s)

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Notes by John Edward Randall
Friday 18th March, 2016 Years After the Birth of Jesuity
14:44 PST

Excuse my prose or incorrect grammar; If it so chooses, the Library of Congress may keep a copy or copies of these important notes as an indicator of the success of my Political Innovation and Ideology. These notes may be useful later on.

John X:

These are the reports you must write. Obviously, they could be worth some value, depending on their future implications or direction(s). The most value is the residual value (residual energy). Let's GO...!

0.) Demon | Angel | God technology: Amorphous radiation and computing, satellite or super computer located in the atmosphere. The "Demon" technology basically refers to a similar ideology as electronic resonance; it is like molecules in the atmosphere instantaneously reacting to each other; a pulse of data, or a data packet, can be sent thousands of miles away in a split second. This allows us to utilize 'intelligence' or actual intelligence (electromagneticity) more efficiently while incorporating a pleasing design. So, it should be a 'doosy'.

1.) Radiation and 'DNA' manipulation. Basically, DNA or whatever they think it is (scientists) in my interpretation are "light" or light-vibration (wave...?) combinations that alter or partly determine the interpretation of 'reality' based on the condition (conditioning) of a person's 'device' (see my theory). Obviously the combinations of factors makes this an interesting subject to delve into. Our main goal as an "Alchemist", what some people would call my pursuit, my goal is to realize the cure or equation to immortalism. At this point this objective is highly feasible.

On the other hand, we also use this technology, as I have reported or stated before (DUH) (DERP), to control machinery that is able to be controlled via 'DNA' (or whatever it is) (light) recognition; this means that in the future it will be possible for a person to carry DNA that will be specifically respective to a certain technology; in lay-man's terms, superheros will be manifest, and Harry Potter will be non-fiction, instead of the opposite. This ain't superficial. It will also be used, obviously, for Military applications, should it be needed by the state of the union, i.e. The New World Order (The United States of the Republic | The United States of the New World Order).

2.) World's Fair Initiative.

3.) The New Chicago: A Master City.

4.) Address to Whom it May Concern (including the President(s) of the United States of North America).

5.) A continuation of explaining "MY PLAN" (not my STRUGGLE) for a more perfect union and Ecclesiastic State; Remember, the 'process' or animation of the union may be more important than the Title of the union. This is interesting; Why are we termed, "The greatest power in the world"...? 'TGPITW is perverted'.

6.) Article explaining a person's rights: The correct definition of RIGHTS.

7.) A five to ten page article or dissertation on the FACTUAL VIOLATIONS of the Constitution of  America; Involuntary Servitude, Treason, Felony, Rights or Life and Pursuit of Happiness, right to not be censored, additional or future amendment(s).



XJ Randall
John Edward Randall
(John Edward Hall)
CEO, XJ Corps

1055 N Vignes Street
Los Angeles, CA, USA


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