Sunday, December 25, 2016

MIT Under Investigation Following Plagiarism and 'Anti-Privacy' Scandal

MIT Under Investigation Following Plagiarism and 'Anti-Privacy' Scandal
Sunday 25th December 2016
03:05 ET

"It seemed like I had seen some of my ideas in the media. Being a professional, I take my profession seriously."

After searching through Google, John Edward Randall, a student and entrepreneur noticed an uncanny likeness to an invention he drafted 'cerca' 2010.

The product is demonstrated at the URL below:

Randall had a similar allegations against Harvard after circumstantial evidence his company laptop had been hacked.

"My private internet router was shutting off too many times during the day. I had to go through at least 5 to 6 laptops because of security."

"The Computer Graphics Industry is a cutthroat industry, but plagiarism is not acceptable. I didn't even give consent to be watched in my private domain. I should be paid for every second. These are times, and times, and times we are talking about."

MIT has yet to prove that the work was not created by Randall first.


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