Sunday, December 25, 2016

WLFI, CBS News Under Investigation for Attempted Defamation, Copyright Infringement

WLFI, CBS News Under Investigation for Attempted Defamation, Copyright Infringement
Sunday 25th December 2016
03:36 ET

After granted a persona non-grata from Purdue University, John Edward Randall, previous owner of, listened to a television broadcast stating that his website was the controversy of a "sex scandal."

"I didn't do anything to anybody, really. I don't understand why they would lie about a simple website that deals with Computer Graphics. I am a fundamentalist. I don't like porn."

Randall was on the Dean's List at Purdue University during the 2006-2007 year. WLFI, located in West Lafayette, Indiana, did not publicly apologize for the broadcast or address the allegation.

Randall also noticed the Chicago branch of CBS News broadcasting a product that was similar to something he had drafted in his living quarters.

"I saw it with my own eyes right on television. It was in front of me on a large screen t.v. I wasn't shocked, because this inappropriate behavior had been happening in this village for a while. I don't know why they think it is okay to binge themselves on someone else's privacy without contract."

Both CBS and WLFI news stations may need to pay combined fines of at least $200,000.00 for copyright infringement.


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