Saturday, December 24, 2016

Holographic High Resolution Dome to be Launched in 6 Years.

Holographic High Resolution Dome to be Launched in 6 Years.

December 25th 2016
00:19 ET
Christmas Night

Chicago is famed for its windy atmosphere, which may bring not only unwanted criminal exploits, but change as well.

After years of terrorist activity, John Randall, CEO of XJ Corps, announced plans to establish the first 'City Dome', a "macro-weapon of self defense" and an extension of Randall's Ideology, "The New State."

The project is assumed to be the first in the history of the United States, mirroring the stage-like stigma of Washington D.C.

"We could attract hundreds of thousands of people seeking refuge or tourists to this Master City alone."

With the two sided dome, it is possible to control not only weather, but the safety of the entire city. Setting viewing devices on top of the dome and below, citizens of the city can view themselves anywhere within it, at any time of the year.

Randall states that the Dome is the start of a 'philosophical and technological renaissance'.

"It's time to stop being laisse-fair and start being responsible for our futures."

A website with specific information on the dome is purported to be setup soon.

Please see, "Cloud Gate", and "The New State".


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