Monday, December 26, 2016

World Leader Promises Protection for Himself

World Leader Promises Protection for Himself
Monday 26th December 2016
10:01 ET

"I told the guy to stop. I mean, what doesn't he get? I said, stop. How many hundreds of times do I have to state that I don't like being assaulted ever. Only once."

John Edward Randall, who has never raped anyone and has a clean background, was a 23 year old virgin CEO when he noticed signs of stalking from a local homosexual gang within Indiana. When law authorities refused to help him, he proceeded to contact a terrorist organization to help resolve the offset.

"I'm only one person. That behavior against me, is not fair. Let's just make this case clear. Anyone against me, who has attempted to sodomize me or has succeeded, or anyone attempting homicide or similar against me, after he is found will be held accountable."

Randall stated that it may take years to hold appropriate persons accountable for damage already incurred in the past 3 years since his ice-breaking work in XJ Corps, his sole proprietorship. The support of funds should allow Randall digital hindsight into the cause of the assault.


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