Monday, July 11, 2016

Important News From XJ Corps

Important News From XJ Corps
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Monday 11th July 2016 AD
13:33 EST

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Lend me your time, if you will: Important News from XJ Corps...!

A while ago I reminded myself to reread a chapter, per se, from the infamous 'Free Your Brain' website, that I will call a manual and instruct you not to partake into unless you find my explanation incompetent. This I warn you of because of the adversities the reader might contract. In this case there could be 'other technologies' (black magic, magitech, etc.) in play without your knowing.

Briskly, in my own interpretation, I will state the revolutionary significance of the chapter,  'The keywords only exist in the Stage world'  as follows:

WE ALL ARE INTELLIGENT or 'THE INTELLIGENCE': Do you think you created yourself...? If the answer is no, then why would you think your motions, your animations, your actions, or you in particular, then why would you think that you're not being controlled by the one that created you...?

What I am trying to say is that we might not be aware of the ulterior gravities or forces in play, and one of these forces might come from an intelligent source. On the contrary, the cause of our motion might seem sporadic, as if by nature. Within the gaps of perception we are controlled by some type of design or program; This leads us to conclude that every action we take in life is caused by a calculable force or gravity; We can actually now brute-force the outcome of events as if by quantum computer... Look at the movie, "Benjamin Button" to get an example.

Biologically speaking, or in some other scientific catalog of interchangeable terminology, we can explain the process by an exchange in matters (or energies) such as with an ant colony that is controlled by a 'ONE FORCE' that is replicated or disseminated ultimately controlling everyone through its cloning or copying throughout the network (SIMILAR TO A VIRUS). This is explained in my Master Thesis in my theory, 'Image Broadcasting Theory' that explains the process thus:

"The idea stems from, "What if people broadcast their motives through other people...?" Meaning, other people's motive's are accomplished through us by our 'picking-up' of their motives, whether it be consciously or not, and being the main transportation for those motives to be broadcast to other people. The theory is, we are the vessels by which other people broadcast their motives and other people are our vessels. We pick up another person's motives by coming in contact with the people that carry the motive. This means that we don't necessarily have to know or directly come in contact with the original source in order to broadcast the motive from the original source." 

Wednesday 3rd April 2013
from "Image Broadcasting via Hosts in a Network (Resonance)"

I better conclude this soon by saying that when we become aware of the intelligent owning us, we become the intelligent itself. Therefore, we will be able to be more enlightened about the decisions and actions we make instead of blindly making them without much forethought. In the end, we will have the common knowledge to manipulate our realities to our liking with much more ease than before.


XJ Randall
John Edward Hall
XJ Corps


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