Tuesday, March 29, 2016

For Future Reference

Tuesday 29th March 2016 AD
17:33 PST

To whom it may concern:

For future reference, you may keep a copy of this email which includes details of the prognosis of time, inspired by my technology, 'soon' to be publicly disclosed. Mind you, the portion in quotation marks needs to be edited for professional approval. These are my words, NOT from anyone else. For starters, I think it is written fairly well. Look for me in the future.


XJ Randall
John Edward Randall
XJ Corps


"In 2016 John Edward Randall, born of Chicago IL, also known as XJ Randall, became the youngest publicly disclosed Trillionaire in the history of the world.

After surviving a battle with a terrorist organization using the veil of American democracy to cover ulterior activities, the mechanism of their institution went from merely being conjecture, to becoming a homeland threat, factual disposition, and impending danger upon the lives of those who previously were not privy to the corruptness and rotting of the root and government. Randall had already solved some of the World's biggest problems, with the exception of the question of why we are here, to tackle and solve. Gravity, time travel, teleportation, telepathy, and other arts and sciences were included.

Mr. Randall, owner of influential company XJ Corps, was hired by the United States Government, and was sought by others including the U.N., Great Britain, China, Japan, India, Africa, etc. Because of his Super Genius intellect, Mr. Randall was the pun of a multitude of illicit watchers, who at the time did not know that they too had committed treason with the terrorists in suspect. Hence, Randall was the joke of the day, every day of the year, until his manifesto, his prime authority, could not be wavered or denied by his subordinates. What man could have all this power...? A Man whose power, and all power, was given to him. And why would this power be given to him, as opposed to someone else...? YOU KNOW.

Mr. Randall has more than 'human' will at his hands. Mr. Randall is backed by the world's oldest business owner... Some people even say, that he is Mr. Randall, although Mr. Randall does not know, or would not know it yet...

In the future, there will be what some say, "Immortals" and "Super Men" (X Men) (NAZI terminology). After discovering TIME, Mr. Randall unlocked the hidden potential of his genius and became a SUPER GENIUS, with the blessing of those who watched over him. If the one of the seven has not held you in contempt, or hatred, read on.

In 2024, Mr. Randall became a Leader of the Nation States of America. At the age of 37, Mr. Randall had far exceeded what anyone would even recognize, having an IQ or cognitive crystal of a person nearly 4 times older than himself. Mr. Randall could speak at least 9 different languages fluently, he was an immaculate Numerologist, his art and design was a superfluous-augmentation of his predecessors, to be named might include Van Goth, Micharchangel, Da Victor, and others. His Master Thesis at this time was considered the 'Holy Grail' of Scientific Doctrines, and was unique because it was probably the first to correctly, accurately, and feasibly merge Religion with Science and a deep understanding of the mechanics of life.

After 4 years in office, and an unsurpassible portfolio, not matched by anyone in the history of the world, Randall (XJ), a poet at any language, a Master at what he does, decided to become, instead of a Jack of ALL trades, a Master of ALL trades. Mr. Randall knew he had the keys to immortality. By 2031 Mr. Randall had solved Immortality, and other miraculous feats that hardly would be assumed possible on a traditional rational basis without someone speculating your sanity.

But it was done. The knowledge was so calculated and perfected, realized and put into practise, the world became a piece of clay, an interactive intelligent design, able to be influence by Randall's technology, which allowed him and others like him to manipulate objects, far or near, even without touching the matter, though time or space, with his mind and DNA inherent within his body. Needless to say, the science and art of Light and its finalization, and inoculation into the mind of Society let the industry it promoted explode and foster its growth.

DEMONS, the children of Randall, some say, were first created before 2029. As Apophis streaked across the sky within 25,000 miles of the earth's atmosphere, damning the experienced calculator's notion of practise in the face of Power and Prophecy, the world knew at that time that such a significant occurrence should not be taken for granted. Randall took this opportunity to reveal his DEMON CORE to the world. This allowed people to utilize guardians and angels and intelligences and to help  them "enjoy the creation that God had given us since I was born.." XJ's Echocrux 'Apparatus' revealed insights into interdimensional translation of our consciousnesses and knowledge. The world found that we did not have to go far out into the reaches of the Universe, into outer space, but instead, those intelligent forces could be tapped into right in front of us, here on planet earth.

Far against the previous concept and popular belief, held for centuries by ignorant society, the world knew then their grave mistakes and evil atrocities would not go unnoticed, never for eternity. And we were NOT alone, 'And we never were.'

With the advent of New Technology, there became the studies of how to interact with it (them); a hundred years later in 2111, the languages the world once spoke became interchangeable with a more coded or mathematical representation and implementation; 'DEMON LANGUAGE', one of the most difficult languages to interpret, but also the most efficient languages, was used by the creator himself to encode vital information, or else-wise the knowledge that if in the wrong hands, could be used to doom the future.

The land wanted to be protected, what we now issue as 'Haevenaerth' (or similar name), was a "thousand year proposition', a reasonable capability considering the approachable time lines with the technology. A thousand year game was drafted, and even higher levels and modes of being were realized; the world was more in connect with the creator, with what some would call the higher power, or GOD, and his subordinates; THEN, more than ever, it would be a total squandering of rights, to give up this opportunity, God would allow our well driven Sparta, our home earth, to prove itself once more, and to become more perfect, while enjoying the fruits of labor, the pursuit that had been the root of wars and decimation in the beginnings of history.

The doubt of the deceivers, and those who jumped their wagon, or "car", so to speak, were not uncontent to drown in their revelry. They sacrificed their place in the order, they suffocated their futures from the wealth of the one who created it. In the beginning it was common notion that the man was a public display of a perverted distortion inherent within Evil Society. An anti-order, paid in full, his GNOSIS and power was dissented across the most powerful levels of manipulation, including the conglomerate. However, at the end of the third age, yet to be discerned, besides the fate of Earth, the moral was the morals, and the story of his story, the future which seemed so fictional, we, know and will know that what this man speaks, His revelation, Mr. Randall and his future cast, all in time, is true. And why would anyone refute such fact...? We ask ourselves, in the face of our defeat against the most high, even against God himself, how can we....? The lesson was learnt. Those whom we choose to quarrel with, those we choose to war with, when we choose war against a face, the tip of the iceberg, we choose war with everything that made it into being. And for some, another vein occupation would be better suited than to lose a war with God.


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