Monday, March 28, 2016

All Rising by XJ Randall

All Rising by XJ Randall
© 2016 XJ Corps, John Edward Randall (Hall)
Monday 28th March 2016 AD
~20:02 PST

The vastness and imperial grandeur of the multitude, the force, those allegiate to the one sovereign, hovering over all his righteous, his loyal; these knights of the New Order, numbering the thousands; we see the awesomeness of his power ascend into the skies, where he takes precedence as the leader and lord atop his throne; he who casts the light unto the blind and ignorant; civilization was not yet been prepared for such a war; the dormant justice awaited to be realized on this day where we stand, on this hill of epiphany, to end the war of all wars, to take our kingdom, Haeven on Aerth; our lord to guide us; and I can see him at the top with all his glory even so, every eye as well; as if he is bigger than the mount itself; in set suit and shining armor, his subjects emulating in glory, a hail, a voice so glorious as if to mock the very beginning of creation itself, the same voice brings it all to an end; he points his rod, his sword of truth atop his horse, his steed of death, a handsome, loathely, mortal sight to behold, even to look upon such a magnificent arena would astound the beholder; With the unyielding of the four corners of Aerth, the trumpets sound and he, in saffron and death, prepares to utterly and gravely obliterate Evil Institution; Though you may not believe the sight, if you have not believed before, even now upon the holy sight; if you have not murdered yourself from the sight itself, if you were against the one, lo, lay lo, and behold, the magnificence of God almighty has had its hand; embrace your fate, fall or rise, those with me and those against me, All, the time is now...!


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