Sunday, August 7, 2016

XJ Corps Data Vortex / Vortex Storage Spherical Unit (Mirror)

Sunday 7th August 2016 AD
15:32 ET

I would like to tell you of a technology that strongly correlates with my 'Master Thesis', a loose branch-off or extension from Raymond L. Bridgman's, "The Master Idea" (Google Books).

John Edward Randall's (XJ Corps) "Data Vortex / Vortex Storage" (October 2014) is an idea and possibility that allows us to store light data within a loop of mirrors. Simply put, in my invention, the light-data is 'injected' into a mirror sphere, creating something similar to Hermione Granger's bag of 'tricks' that is in popular culture's, "Harry Potter". Upon random access, the light data is retrieved from the sphere. The interesting thing to note is that the light data continues to exist within the mirror indefinitely without complex electrical circuits making it possible for it to be superior to traditional computer methods of storage, holding much more information or data per space.

I have been working daily on my Master Idea. Please help me find investors for this idea which is the tip of the iceberg and also helps explain my version of interactive time travel.

For more information contact me at:

John Edward Hall
CEO, XJ Corps
P.O. Box 621
Lafayette, IN 47902-0621

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