Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Notes to the FBI - John Edward Randall

Notes to the FBI
Wednesday 24th August 2016
18:55 ET
208 W Columbia St
West Lafayette, IN
"Mine Struggle": Notes to the FBI
Author: John Edward Randall (born 29th October 1987)
PO Box 621
Lafayette, IN

I would like for the FBI to store these notes with John Edward Randall's 'intelligence file'. These notes detail some of John's behaviors from 52 weeks to 24 hours before the suicide attempt that occurred on 31st October 2011 at 915 N 6th Street, Lafayette, Indiana, in the apartment numbered, "6". The incident was recorded with the Lafayette Police Department in Lafayette, Indiana.

As usual, any possibly inaccurate statement or part is contained within single quotation marks while EXACT or CORRECT statements are quoted in double quotation marks.

I, John Edward Randall (birth name), called in earlier today at the number "1 855-835-5324" and reported circumstantial evidence concerning the terrorism done against myself.

In my report to a 'feminine directive' on the other side, I detailed that my influence in popular culture is similar to that of influential 'rapper', "EMINEM", or the great Renaissance artist "Michelangelo", using those names exactly.

I stated that it was possible for 'Lesbian', 'Gay', or members or lobbyists of the 'LGBT' community to be dealing lethal damage via  mis-representation in the public eye, in "Washington D.C.", and perhaps the same damage to my physical and mental well-being; these entities, or people in close contact with myself on a daily basis, have already attempted homicide and may have employed a 'bounty hunter' or people with the profiles of sociopaths to create damaging situations. In the words of a 'watcher' at "", a website that hides the identity of supporters and non-supporters for 'truther' efforts, there are 'traps' that are set to damage my livelihood.

One of these traps is a massive stalking campaign to 'force' the target, or myself, to use self-defense in a very violent way. Such was assumed to be the cease of my career.

Their language is hypocritical and psychologically elementary to decode. It is 'brute force' based on the semantics of human behavior and what can be concluded from a traditional knowledge of Freudian concepts, Determinism and Pavlovian ideology, and terrorist psychology. In creating, concocting, exacting or equating what would be called a, "Mind-Fuck" (popular culture), even while mechanizing seemingly highly advanced technology (compared to human technology), it would be fitting to confuse the target with ambiguity by forcing him or her to stall himself on 'psychologically and digestive-latent' material; in my own words, it is what some people call, "Bullshit" (see urban definition). For example, if the target is fighting to support something, the terrorist will force or insert an opinion against the target's personal wishes into the target's path of view; In this example that is also physically assaulting and illicit, the people involved state to support homosexuality yet psychically damage those who they deem to be homosexual but are factually heterosexual; In logic 'language', A should be Y and if it is Y they support it in verbal communication, yet their behavior violently opposes it because it is not Y it is A. I will write more on this later...

In my own ideology, much pain or emotional dissonance is brought about by previously psychologically damaging experiences linked to the male or female genitalia that have not been resolved in an intelligent way. An ignorant mindset brought about by the forced oppression to resolve a situation is probable hinder progression to a solution. A constant barrage of sexually explicit behavior and physical violence, also associated with the sociopath mindset, actually psychically bars a target from realizing the method being used against him, and the antidote to it.

"There is much money going around, yet YOU do not have it." The terrorist has 'connections' at bay and will utilize those higher in the status pool, or 'wealth' pool, to achieve his aims. We find that the goal of the terrorist is Eugenics. He uses the homosexual agenda to slaughter those who accept it.

You cannot disagree with my stance.


Sunday, August 7, 2016

XJ Corps Data Vortex / Vortex Storage Spherical Unit (Mirror)

Sunday 7th August 2016 AD
15:32 ET

I would like to tell you of a technology that strongly correlates with my 'Master Thesis', a loose branch-off or extension from Raymond L. Bridgman's, "The Master Idea" (Google Books).

John Edward Randall's (XJ Corps) "Data Vortex / Vortex Storage" (October 2014) is an idea and possibility that allows us to store light data within a loop of mirrors. Simply put, in my invention, the light-data is 'injected' into a mirror sphere, creating something similar to Hermione Granger's bag of 'tricks' that is in popular culture's, "Harry Potter". Upon random access, the light data is retrieved from the sphere. The interesting thing to note is that the light data continues to exist within the mirror indefinitely without complex electrical circuits making it possible for it to be superior to traditional computer methods of storage, holding much more information or data per space.

I have been working daily on my Master Idea. Please help me find investors for this idea which is the tip of the iceberg and also helps explain my version of interactive time travel.

For more information contact me at:

John Edward Hall
CEO, XJ Corps
P.O. Box 621
Lafayette, IN 47902-0621