Sunday, December 25, 2016

28 year old CEO is Sodomized at a Local Hospital

28 year old World Class CEO is Sodomized at a Local Hospital
Sunday 25th December 2016
04:06 ET

After being detained, John Edward Randall knew it might have been the end of his ropes.

"I told anybody that listens that I don't like being sodomized. I am not homosexual. It is against my religion. I was being tortured in the hospital they forced me to stay in for nearly a month. Every day I felt like I was being sodomized. My feces hurt."

Randall stated that the treatment was inhumane for a world class leader in innovation.

"I thought that I would get out of that torture early. I didn't. I nearly died when the doctor forced me to take oral death pills. I had already been shot in the chest. I told him I would commit suicide if he forced an injection on me and he injected me anyways. Injecting someone is highly offensive when it is against their religion and not even necessary."

Randall purports that it was millions of dollars of damage to his career and profession
 to be detained and physically harmed without his family doctor's consent.

"I make thousands of dollars a day. I told the doctor and judge this information and they acted like idiots. I was peaceful when I entered. I acted appropriate for what trauma I had been through. I didn't want to be sodomized because I was detained."

Ball Memorial Hospital Behavioral Health Unit has yet to apologize for being a fag. Additional charges may apply.


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