Sunday, April 24, 2016

卐 Status: The Mathematics of Irony and Justice

卐 Status ©  2016 XJ Corps, John Edward Randall
Where have all the people gone? No master epics the gap between idea and fabrication; When all is fact, facility is known. Technology is not a mirage, but a tangible product of our optimism and faith.
The Mathematics of Irony and Justice
What you do makes you who you are, and what you do, as well as who you are, is a force just as calculable and measurable as weights on a scale. So why wouldn't it be practical and feasible to use this gesture for an astounding amendment of our Justice ...? In current day proceedings, it would be an exacting of the art; an equation of players and their frictions, and the remainder determines the restitution to restore equilibrium. We discuss the prominence of our future conjecture. In this article, XJ Randall explains his Irony and Justice, and the Mathematics therein.
What is Mathematics (MATH) ...?
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